Book 1 in Earthome Series
Epic Fantasy
Publication Date: 12th June 2018
Author: E.B. Rose
ISBN: 9781370349463


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About the Book:

Why save the world if you have no place in it?

He is King Leonis Zarall’s champion Beast. A slave who is bred, trained, and raised to fight in the arena. He owns no name but Lion of Zarall and no purpose but to obey and kill. An expensive weapon, a perfect purebred, until the day he is given a new task; a task that would break his training and change him forever.

When King Leonis is killed in a coup, slave wakes up in a circle of blood with a knife stabbed in his heart. A mage is dead, an artefact linked to the demons of Darkhome is missing, and the new King has unpleasant plans for the Lion of Zarall. Now the slave has to survive and find his way to freedom, or the horrors of Darkhome will be unleashed.